Valerio Olgiati

A post-modern take on one man's ego. This poster was created for a speech by renowned modernist architect Valerio Olgiati at The Berlage Center in Delft, Netherlands. Olgiati's "undesigned" white cube buildings and lavish lifestyle have gained him a reputation for being pretentious.

This poster is designed to de-inflate the ego at the center of this event.

It's design is built on the insight that everyones favorite sound is that of their own name. It aims to deny Valerio Olgiati the gratification of seeing it.

Olgiati's buildings reflect a rejection of the architecture his more renowned father, Rudolf Olgiati created. The text on this poster is derived from Rudolf's significantly longer Wikipedia page. Valerio's name is obscured, only present in an acrostic poem amongst the uniform text, that's "undesigned" not unlike the generic simplicity of his own designs.

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