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Multidisciplinary designer with a passion for motion graphics.
    Becky first shifted her focus to art as a student at The Mill Street Loft Arts Institute* and continued her education at The Pratt Institute. Initially at the branch campus PrattMWP in Utica NY, and later in Brooklyn NY.
    After graduating in May 2019 with her B.F.A. she began freelancing. Over the next year, she established a group of clients in a variety of industries: Interior Design, Co-working, Beverages, and Advertising. 

    In addition to a variety of graphic design work, Becky continues a personal creative practice. Experimental motion design is a favorite medium, but she continues a variety of projects including watercolor painting and figure drawing. Outside of work, her passions include shopping for second-hand mid-century furniture, watching classic science-fiction and reality TV, reading Wired magazine, and backpacking/canoeing whenever she can get out of the city for a weekend.  
    Seeking new opportunities to learn and grow in a variety of industries. 

* MSL is now The Art Effect